1,516 days ago…

1,516 days, or 4 years, 1 month, and 24 days ago was the first night of PDSN, Paisley and District Scouting Network.

Over that time, we have grown from something “skeptical to take off”, to arguably one of the biggest and best Networks in Scotland, certainly the west coast. Delivering, an Explorer Belt Expedition, the first Queen’s Scout in Paisley’s history for 15 years-hopefully hitting a total of 10 before the year is out, as well as a host of activities and adventures over our weekly meetings. Starting with a handful of people, to where we currently are with 60 people registered and approximately 20 turning up every week.
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Fuel Strike 2012

There are only a few things more annoying than people panic buying, one of those things is, people unnecessarily panic buying.

Living in Scotland, I can thankfully say that we aren’t quite as stupid when it comes round to rushing out to fill up our cars – perhaps because its payday tomorrow and nobody has the money to waste on petrol when you could be spending it on booze.

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NEDs in the Park

So its come the time of year again, when all of the lovely people that were away spending a weekend in Balado, Kinross listening to mediocre bands, getting excessively drunk, pissing against fences and getting fingered off a completely randomer in the middle of a busy crowd come back into our life.
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